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It’s time to stress-proof your brain, build your mental resilience and stay on the road to success, regardless of circumstances. This book can help you get there!

Hack your mind and upgrade your thinking with this collection of quotes and reflections. Life produces many obstacles. Mental Hacks to Resilience focuses on words of timeless wisdom to get you through rough patches while building you up for the next hurdle.

Even if you’ve tried to become more resilient only to backslide, this book can help you break the cycle to improve and keep your mental stamina.

Written by a successful business development executive, turned Stage IV cancer survivor of 10+ years, this book shares key mental hacks that have kept her mindset focused on meeting goals thru the years. She’s adapted these principles into her daily life to stay resilient, cut thru stress and meet objectives. Now she’s sharing this process with you.

Grouped by topics, these quotes, principles and reflections cover key topics of life: